Universal Demarcation Monitor For Optical Transport Networks

The WoneUDM System is a Universal Demarcation Unit for deployment in Optical Transport Networks. This appliance provides the user a comprehensible condition of the overall quality of service being received or provided for a variety of transport protocols: Ethernet, SDH and OTN up to 10Gbps.

This unit allows to measure QoS statistical parameters as ITU-G.7710 (error, error blocks, unavailability of network, etc). It can also be used as a in line protocol analyzer (as ITU-Y1731) by monitoring headed protocol parameters or specifically in the Ethernet domain make available OAM measurements such as: jitter, packet latency, loss packet, throughput, etc.

The modularity of the housing, allows to customize the unit to the application and requirements needed. The housing can support up to 4 reconfigurable multiprotocol electronic slots, 2 redundant balanced power supply Vdc or 220/110 Vac, one cooling unit, one management and interface module that allows management and communication with the Element Management System and NMS via SNMP agents, web application (Local Craft Terminal) or Northbound interface.

Depending of the configuration the unit can either be used as a transponder or as a wavelength converter for access points (enterprise, banking, data centers, ISP’s, Cloud Service Provides). Furthermore, the unit can be used as a traffic analyzer for critical location in the Optical Network, specially interoperate connections: backhaul of mobile operators, between carrier networks and telecom service providers, between access and metro optical networks, etc.

  • Modularity and Scalability
  • Digital Performance Monitoring Measurements: G.820, Y.1563 and G.8201
  • Ethernet Demarcation Unit Y.1731 OAM
  • Relevant parameters monitoring (mode protocol analyzer): SDH, OTN and Ethernet
  • Access multiprotocol and multirate applications up to 10Gbps
  • Hot plug MSA Standard Technology compliant (SPF/XFP)
  • Firmware remote loading
  • Remote Management: SNMP agent, Local Craft Terminal, Element Management System

Common (All Modules)

  • Two Optical Port
  • Operating Modes
    • Loopback
    • Lambda Converter
    • Performance Monitoring Transponder
    • Performance Monitoring Probe
    • Demarcation Unit
  • G.7710 Digital Performance Monitoring ES, SES, BBE, UAS (G.820, G.8201, Y.1563)
  • Monitored Parameters
    • CRC (GbE), B1, B2, RDI, REI
    • CRC (Ethernet)
  • Ethernet Demarcation Unit ITU-Y.1731 Compliant RMON Statistics
  • Remote Firmware Loading

  • Height: 1u (44 mm)
  • Width: 19” (448 mm)
  • Depth: 438 mm
  • -48 Vdc, 220 Vac
  • Consumption: 26 W/62 W (each Module)
  • Operative temperature: 0 – 70 ºC
  • -48 Vdc, 220 Vac
  • Humidity: 5% – 85% without Condensation
  • Up to 4 free slots
  • Backup source

  • NEBS Label 3 (Bellcore, SR-3580)
  • EMC:
    • EN 55022:1998
    • EN 50081
    • EN 55011
  • Inmunity:
    • EN 61000-4-2/4/5:1995
    • EN 61000-4-3:1996
    • EN 61000-4-11:1994
  • Low Voltage:
    • EN 60950:1995

  • Interface: Ethernet 10/100 BT
  • Protocols: SNMP v2, http, XML
  • Local Craft Terminal
  • EMS Wonewiew
UDMTR2G5 Module

  • SFP Optical Transceiver
  • STM-1/4/16, OTU-1 and 1GbEthernet
UDMTR10G Module

  • XFP Optical Transceiver
  • STM-64, OTU-2 and 10GbEthernet

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