DWDM Optical and Electric Switching Subsystems oriented to Core Optical Networks with 10G transport per lambda

The CICLON project is a two-year R&D project (2005-2006) based on optical network architecture and network technologies focused on: DWDM optical networking, very high performance broadband backbones, metro optical networks, progammable and reconfigurable Networks, optical and electric switching.

The specific technical objectives are:

  • Development of a Reconfigurable Optical Add & Drop Multiplexer (ROADM)
  • Development of a DWDM Transponder for 2.5Gb /s (1+1) applications using SFP technology.
  • Development of a DWDM Transponder 10Gb / s (1 +1) applications using XFP technology.
  • Development of a 8×8 Electrical Cross Connect (EXC) for 10 Gb/s applications.
  • Development of a Tunable DWDM Transponder at 10Gb/s .
  • Development of a Chromatic Dispersion Compensator for DWDM optical networks at 10Gb /s.

This project was funded by the Ministerio de Industria de España