FPGA IPCORE Developing

We develop innovative, efficient and cost effective FPGA based solutions. These solutions help our customers to process, terminate, generate and inspect every frame or packet carried on their networks. Three main families have been developed up today: Encryption, Ethernet Demarcation and Traffic Analyzer.
Each FPGA based solution will be delivered with documentation bellow:

  • VHDL code
  • Testbench
  • Sample synthesis script & constraints
  • Sample simulation script
  • Documentation

ENCRYPTION: LAYER 2 LINK ENCRYPTION of 1GbE and 10GbE(802.1AE/MACsec Link Encryptor)
The IEEE has ratified the 802.1AE-2006 Media Access Control Security (MACsec) standard which offers connectionless user data confidentiality, frame data integrity, and data origin authenticity for LANs, metropolitan optical networks and other applications.
The IEEE 802.1AE protocol requires a dedicated hardware security engine inserted into the data path of the MAC. The goal of the security design is to offer a solution which meets the performance required for frames traversing the interface at a reasonable rate.
Wonesys core encryptor supports full 802.1AE security processing on each frame, including Tx/ encapsulation ( depending on type cypher ), error checking ( CRC ), implementation of encryption mode ( eg GCM-AES), self-authenticating cipher ( ICV ).
Wonesys core encryptor solution consists on three modules: Cypher + Encryption mode + Dynamic Key Exchange + Self-authenticating. Some of this modules could be customized as we see bellow:

  • Cipher type ( key length ): AES encryption ( 128/192/256 )
  • Different encryption modes
    • AES- CBC mode  ( 128/192/256 )
    • AES- ECB mode  ( 128/192/256 )
    • AES- GCM mode ( 128/192/256 )
  • Dynamic key exchange ( period of key exchange )

* Encryption based Fibre Channel and SDH protocol are under development.


The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) has standardized a number of services for wide-area Ethernet connectivity, collectively known as Carrier Ethernet Services. The MEF’s goal in defining these services is to encourage the ubiquitous adoption of Ethernet by promoting the interoperability of high-quality Ethernet services among service providers.
Wonesys Solution for Ehternet Demarcation covers 1GbE and 10GbE. Main features are limited to the SLA measurements with the following parameters: Frame loss, frame delay and frame jitter.

Traffic and protocol ANALYZER according to ITU-G.7710

Traffic analyzer operates at rates between 155Mbps and 10,709Gbps. It is provided with a powerful FPGA which extends the analysis of the incoming signals beyond the physical layer to the transport layer. This analysis capability will allow multiprotocol Digital Performance Monitoring measurements according to ITU-G.7710 standard, and alarm and event analysis from the frame header.

Extended Performance Monitoring features will be available for the following transport protocols: SDH (STM-1, STM-4 , STM-16 and STM-64), Ethernet (1GbE and 10GbE) and OTN (OTU-1, OTU2).