Design of intelligent hardware for Digital Monitoring in DWDM optical transmission systems up to 10 Gbps with OTU encapsulation

The RATON project has been a multiannual project (2009 to 2011), which has been funded by the Ministry of Industry to aid for research , development and innovation . This project has focused on optical transport technology for metro and backbone networks , and has been conducted in cooperation with the Optical Communications Group from Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

The main objective of this project is to design and implementation of hardware platforms ( HPs ) type transponder with optic DWDM wavelength (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) output, oriented to Optical Transport Network with ITU – G.709 interfaces. The HPs developed under the project can be reconfigurable and reprogrammable by software locally or remotely, to enable the transport of different services , regardless of protocol and transmission speed. In other important benefits such as Hps will also include : incorporation of FEC (Forward Error Correction) to the original frame in order to detect and correct errors to reduce the BER (Bit Error Rate) at the receiver, G.7720 compliant monitoring (QoS measurements), protocol analyzer (GigabitEthernet, SDH, OTN up to 10Gbps), tunning of the wavelength of the DWDM optical channel. Finally, the goal of this project is to provide intelligence and versatility to these reconfigurable HPs, so with only one FPGA-based design it could get features and various benefits are obtained.

This project was funded by the Ministerio de Industria de España