Research and development of service & optical link permanent monitoring modules (7×24) in DWDM Optical Netwoks

The main target of the “CANIS” project is the design and implementation of a low cost system, based on hardware and software platforms, that it allows to offer an efficient support to the network operation in order to guarantee that the services over DWDM optical channels are transported end-to-end and delivered with the quality and service level agreements (QoS: ITU-G.7710 or SLA: ITU-Y.1731) signed up by the subscribers (availability of 99.99% of the time, throughput, packet delay and jitter in Ethernet networks, etc). This target in carry out by means of the optical network preventive and reactive maintenance with performance monitoring tools that they allow to know the link and service degradation or, in some cases, the link fall down.

This project was funded by the Ministerio de Industria de España