Spatial-Spectral Flexible Optical Networking: Enabling Solutions for a Simplified and Efficiend SDN

INSPACE introduces a novel logical hierarchical structure for next generation multidimensional dynamic and elastic optical networks, based on enabling switching, transmission and processing technologies that allow the connection between spectral and spatial networking.

The two main directions of the proposal are:

1) To explore the additional degrees of freedom in signal multiplexing (offered by the latest advances in both multi-mode and multi-core fibre systems), with the purpose to exploit the emerging networking benefits arising from a combined Spatial/Spectral/Signal coding domain:

  • Design multi-dimensional resource allocation algorithms and study the required control plane extensions
  • Study the benefits of multi-dimensional signal allocation in terms of resource optimisation, energy consumption reductions and system cost savings

2) To examine the capabilities of the enabling technologies in support of the multi-dimensional networking concept by focusing on:

  • Node switching hardware adapted to support SDM fiber links (SMF array/FMF/MCF) addressing the spatial and spectral domains
  • Interfacing technology to match the SDM transmission (Mode structure/core location) by demultiplexing to SMF edge arrangements.
  • Interplay between transmission format, electronic MIMO processing, switching solution effects, and information capacity.

This project has been funded by the Seventh Framework Program form EU